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Welcome to The Avant-Guard: P-CEP Film Club!

  Avant-Garde:  P-CEP Film Club The purpose of this club is to offer a venue for students and staff to learn about the art and technique of film through the viewing and discussion of important classic and contemporary films.  This club will operate to support the Modern Literature & The Arts course with its film

Welcome to Art Lab!

  Art Lab The Art Lab is an after school program for students interested in approving their artistic abilities.  Students can bring in art projects on a freelance basis and receive constructive criticism to polish them.  Open to all students currently enrolled in a P-CEP art class.   Advisor: Clevell Koon, Location: Plymouth HS,

Welcome to Aria!

Aria This all female a cappella vocal ensemble will focus on learning and performing popular choral music.  Vocal auditions will be held during the first week of school.  To audition, students will be asked to sing 16 bars of a prepared pop song.  Rehearsals will be held on Fridays after school.  Students do not need

Welcome to Apps Club!

Apps Club   The main goal of the Apps Club is to design and build applications for Android and web applications.  Anyone can join, but a basic knowledge of programming would be preferred. Advisor: Catherine Mast, Location: Canton HS Room 175

Welcome to The Anime Club!

Anime Club The purpose of our club is to spread knowledge and appreciation of Japanese culture through the art form of Japanese Animation.   At our bi-weekly meetings, activities may include games, drawing, cosplay, film screenings, and open discussion forums.  Each year we organize and host our own Animé convention, which is held in May and open to the

Welcome to The African American Student Association!

African American Student Association The goal of the club is to promote diversity and to learn about the African American Culture.  The club talks about issues in the African American community, participates in community service projects, produces a Black History Month program. All students are welcome to join.  AASA’s objectives are for each student to

Princess for a Day Community Event

Calling all Princesses! Who: Children ages 3-11 and an adult to accompany them. What: An afternoon of princess themed games and activities. Come for snacks, movies, crafts, nail painting, prizes, and much more! When: Saturday December 6, 2014 from noon to 3pm. You can pre order your ticket for $10 per child OR buy your

Welcome to PHS Congress!

                PHS Congress – Student Government Student government at P-CEP is designed to provide students with an avenue to constructively consider and act upon issues that affect the student body.  Students may apply for membership each Spring.  Administrators, teachers, and students participate together to provide for student-Advisored activities.

88.1 The Park Thanks for Giving Pledge Drive Wraps Up Saturday

88.1 The Park is hosting their annual Thanks for Giving Pledge Drive this week.  The pledge drive is one of the station’s main fundraisers.  Listeners have a chance to support student radio that is focused on impacting students and serving the community. The pledge drive will wrap up on Saturday Nov. 15.  Listeners can call

Gourmet Club and Culinary Program Video

This video was a collaboration between the P-CEP Culinary Program/Gourmet Club, and the Video Productions Program at the Park Special Thanks to Ryan Apley, P-CEP Senior, who created this video Enjoy! [complete_gallery id=”10732″ class=”alignnone” ]