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Welcome to IASA!

Indian American Student Association (IASA) This organization unites Indians of different backgrounds and other students interested in other areas of the world for a common goal in learning Indian culture. Advisor:                  Paul Fisher, Location:                     Meetings held in CHS Cafeteria

Welcome to HOSA!

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) Membership in this organization is open to any student at P-CEP who is interested in the health care field.  HOSA’s mission is to advance the education and welfare of its members by assisting students to make career goals, build self-esteem and leadership skills, and maintain motivation for a future

Welcome to The Great Books Club!

Great Books Club Open to any P-CEP student who wishes to attend and has a genuine interest in reading and discussing great books. Advisor:                  Dave Steele, Location:                  Canton HS, Room 212

Welcome to Gourmet Club!

Gourmet Club/Skills USA (Prostart) The purpose of this club is to facilitate a place and time for students with a deep interest in culinary arts to experience aspects of the industry that cannot be conducted during regular class time.  Focus will be on advance food preparation techniques.  A portion of this club consists of culinary

Welcome to GET IT Club!

GET IT Club (Girls Exploring Together Information Technology) This group will provide the young women of P-CEP with an opportunity to explore technology through trips and competitions Advisored by the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation.  The purpose is to provide an encouraging environment where the girls can feel comfortable discovering computers and other

Welcome to German Club!

German Club This is a social club that promotes a better understanding of German language and culture through planned activities that may include an international dinner, a trip to a German restaurant and other group activities. Advisor:                  Kim Henson, Location:                  Canton HS, Room 103

Welcome to The Gay Straight Alliance!

Gay Straight Alliance Membership is open to everyone, gay or straight.  The purpose is to provide a safe and welcoming place for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender persons and their friends to meet and discuss issues of sexual orientation.  Alliance also hopes to educate the P-CEP community about heterosexism and homophobia. Advisor:  Larry Price, Location:                 

Welcome to Gardening Club!

Gardening Club This club is to help education students and volunteers about health food options and eco-friendly practices and to establish a small garden at P-CEP where students, teachers and members of the community can come together to grow organic produce. Advisor:                  Karol Williams, Location:                  Plymouth HS, 220C

Welcome to Games Club!

Games Club This is an informal club for students interested in strategy and role-playing games, such as “Magic the Gathering,” and “Dungeons and Dragons”. Advisor:                  Devin Long, Location:                  Canton HS, Room 107

Welcome to Food Club!

Food Club The Food Club is an organization dedicated to exploring different cultures through food.  We will sample a variety of different ethnic foods, as well as traditional favorites from local businesses. Advisor:                  Chris Belch, Location:                  Canton HS, Room 243