How to Create a Club

Interested in starting a club/activity at P-CEP? Here the steps you need to take to make your club an official P-CEP organization.

1) Check to make sure your club does not already exist at P-CEP. If a similar organization already exists your new club will not be approved.


2) If a similar organization does not exist, fill out the New Club Application.

New Club Application

3) Once you have completed the New Club Application, review the New PCEP Organizations Approval Form. This form is used by Student Congress representatives to determine whether your club will be approved or denied.

New PCEP Organizations Approval Form

4) Turn in your New Club Application to the office of the Assistant Principal of Athletics and Activities at Plymouth High School.

Note: New clubs and activities are approved once a semester by representatives of P-CEP Student Congress. In order to meet as an official organization you must first be approved by this process.

Additional Questions? Contact: 

Plymouth Student Activities Director: Luke A. Swanson –